I’ve been doing some writing for the new developer section of the Register – looking at tools that could help businesses deliver better SOA implementations.

First, a look at Microsoft’s next generation UI development technology Expression Interactive Designer.

It’s been a long time coming. First rumoured at the 2003 PDC (Microsoft Professional Developers Conference), Microsoft’s Sparkle has finally made it part way out the door.More than two years after the original whispers of a Microsoft competitor to Flash, Expression Interactive Designer has arrived. Now you can finally start building all those innovative Windows Vista applications Microsoft has been hoping for.

And secondly, a look at how Salesforce.com is delivering a platform that can be used as a standalone application, a service host, or a service in its own right (all at the same time).

If Web 2.0 mashups are the future of the internet , what will the enterprise application look like? The folk at Salesforce.com think they have the answer, in the shape of the winter 06 release of their web application platform – and the introduction of a web service and application directory, the AppExchange